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Attention: If you would like to inquire about a a 1099-G form, please report it to the Virtual Agent on the OESC Homepage. When you enter the homepage, click on the Virtual Agent icon in the bottom
right of the screen. After the initial prompt, select the "Claimant" option, then “1099-G Form Inquiry”. For additional information about 1099-G forms, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Our team is aware that some claimants are continuing to experience delays on direct deposits and we are in direct contact with Conduent about this issue. We've also received reports that claimants have been told OESC
stopped all direct deposits throughout the state and want to clarify that this is incorrect. OESC has not taken any action to stop or delay direct deposits or ACH transfers. The current delay is a result of actions administered
by Conduent and we are in close conversations with their team as they work to resolve this issue.

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